Cremones sold in packs of 10.

Pompons sold in packs of 6.

For farm fresh flowers please allow 10 days fulfillment time from the date of your order.

Cremone 001

Cremone 002

Cremone 003

Cremone 004

Cremone 005

Cremone 006

Ponpom 007

Ponpom 008

Ponpom 009

Ponpom 010

Ponpom 011

Ponpom 012

Ponpom 013

Ponpom 014

Ponpom 015

Ponpom 016

Ponpom 017


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The freshest live materials available plus all the floral fixings you need... bowls, dishes, foams, adhesives, waterproof and stem tape, wire, ribbon, corsage / boutonniere pins, bouquet holders and sleeves, picks, water tubes, cemetery vases, even flower food preservative plus our 40+ years of professional expertise and personal service... turn your DIY concept into a floral reality. Get the best possible price and product when you buy DIY direct!

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